We run a number of smaller projects of different kinds – all year round – in addition to our main Congleton Pride summer event.

Social events

Drag Night

We’ve organised many smaller local events since 2019, starting with film and Drag Race screenings, and more recently our first ever Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day parties. We already have plans for many more – creating fun and safe social spaces for the Congleton area’s LGBTQ+ people, and friends and allies. See our full events listing.


We have our own podcast, giving you a regular dose of… well, everything from news of what’s happening in the LGBTQ+ community in our part of the world, to thoughts on our lives and history, to just a bit of banter from local drag queens Stella Black and Fonda Dixx! Visit Anchor to listen now…

Online fun

To try and maintain our social event presence as best we could during the coronavirus pandemic, we ran an online pub quiz. We had some LGBTQ-themed questions in there amongst the fun for all!

And while we were unable to cover the real town of Congleton in pride flags for some time, we made up for it in virtual reality with our maze game Prideworld. Win the game by filling the mostly-grey world with pride flag colours! Each new mission is released on a day devoted to a particular section of the LGBTQ+ community – the recent update for Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week brings the game up to its final total of ten missions for you to play!


We asked the people of Congleton about their opinions and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community here. Here are all the details.

What else can we do?

We’re planning to continue and broaden these projects… If you have ideas for how we might help to make Congleton a safer (or simply more fun) place for this community, or you’d like to be part of making these things happen, please get in touch with us, join one of our meetings or follow us on Facebook