How to complete the bi mission

Aerial view of bi mission at start of play

Pink objective Near the big octagon at the start of the game, there are two raised areas containing plus and minus size tokens. Only the one behind you and to your left is accessible right now, so go up there and collect all five plus size, to grow your robot to its largest possible size. Only at this size are you immune to lava and electrical zap! Return to the big octagon, go to your left and down the ramp. You don't need to interact with the enemy robots here - they're only included in the game as a clue that the biggest robots are safe whereas you'll see the smaller one getting destroyed by lava or electricity every time. Turn right-ish and head for a switch in the distance. This switch will make some extra lives appear, but also adds a maze of walls in one of the raised sections in this part of the game, so you might as well leave it switched off for now and come back to it later. Turn left and head along a short 'valley' to another switch and press that. Do a U-turn and you'll now see that the switch has removed a wall section in the raised area to your left. Go up there, turn left, all the way to the end, and press this switch to reveal a bridge leading to the pink key. Return to the valley from just now; the wall along its opposite side should now have a gap allowing you get up there. Once you're through the gap, follow the wall on your right, across the new bridge to pick up the pink key. Now U-turn and follow the wall to your right, up to the highest level in this part of the game, to find a pink section of wall which you can now drive straight through because you have the pink key. Head all the way down the ramps here to a switch under a sort of tent roof. Press this switch to complete the pink objective - and make some parts of the landscape go pink! In this mission only, the pink switch also makes all lava turn into a pink floor that's perfectly safe to robots of all sizes. Be careful though - the blue electrical zap is still fatal to all but the biggest robots until you get the blue switch later on! Finally, go back the way you came and find that first switch again - the only one you've ignored so far. Switch it on to make two sets of extra lives appear nearby, collect those lives, and return to the big octagon at the start of the game.

Purple objective It's now possible to complete the two remaining objectives in any order, but as purple is the next colour on the flag... First we need a much smaller robot in order to get across the flickery floor into the purple section of the game. The ramp up to the last of the plus/minus size tokens is now accessible, so go up there and get all ten minus size on the left. Try not pick up any plus size by accident, because that'll limit how small you can make your robot. Now find another ramp leading down away from the big octagon - the one to the right of where you went for the pink objective. Aim down the ramp, and go dead ahead down the corridor of pillars, all the way to the far end of this section - do it fast because if you spend too long on any section of the transparent flickery floor you'll permanently destroy it and fall through! The smaller your robot the easier this will be, because it wrecks the floor more slowly and has a higher top speed. If you do fall through, try to remember whether you were to the left or right side of the corridor, so that you can aim to use the undamaged floor on the opposite side on your second attempt. Don't expect to get a third attempt; if you destroy too much floor here, that'll make it impossible to complete the rest of the mission. Once you reach the far end, hop on the teleporter which will beam you up to a higher level. Just U-turn on the spot and follow the forcefield arrows up the ramp. You'll jump a few times in the process, so make sure you're pointing dead straight along the ramp to avoid flying off to one side. After the initial jump there are five wide ones, getting higher each time. Go onto that initial jump ramp with barely any speed at all, and then just let it accelerate you. As you make your way over the wide ramps, start to use some backwards thrust to avoid being thrown too far and falling to oblivion - even if that means you stop too soon and have to make your way up the last sections of ramp under your own power! Once you make it to the small octagon at the top of the tower, collect the purple key, turn right and find the spiral ramp back down to the start of the game. Don't try to power or steer down the spiral - just let it roll! The tower is tall, so falling from anywhere near the top of it will lose you a life. The purple objective switch is on a sort of pyramid in the middle of the big octagon, and you now have the purple key that you need to get in there. But you'll have to go back to that raised area to pick up some of the remaining plus size tokens, to make your robot heavy enough to press the switch. You'll also need to take a runup to make it to the top of the pyramid... but too fast and you'll fly right over without landing on the switch.

Blue objective Now you'll need a maximum size robot again, so go and pick up as many of the remaining plus size tokens as you can before heading down another ramp from the big octagon into the last area of this mission. All the enemy robots here start off trapped behind walls, but this time the various switches you'll need to press will also open those walls and allow them to escape! First head to the left, carry on for some distance and find a switch on your right in a place below the normal ground level. Press it to open up a raised area to your left; go up there and to your right to press a second switch. Now return to the first switch of this section, and set it back to off (red) so that the next enemy robot you meet will remain trapped behind a wall. Some of the slopes down to this switch area have walls running along the top, and behind those is a rectangular 'maze' of walls. Make your way through this very simple maze, down a slope and towards an octagonal area with the blue key in the middle... But don't try to collect the key yet because there's a gap in the floor in the middle of the octagon! Instead, keep well to the right of the missing floor and head along the walkway, up a couple of ramps to a third switch. Press it and return to the octagon where you can now safely get the blue key. If you're low on lives you might now want to go back for some more, on a raised platform behind blue locked walls, near this sections's first two switches, before returning to this octagon. Now take the walkway again, return the third switch to the off position to confine the next enemy robot behind its wall, and follow the walkway all the way round a loop, to the highest part of this section of the game via a couple of blue locked walls which won't get in your way now you have the blue key. Head downhill, through the third and last blue wall and turn right. Finally make your way down a series of ramps to a switch under a tent roof, much like the one at the end of the pink section. Press the switch to complete the mission!

Mission info

Pride flag colour switches: 3
Keys: 3

Extra lives: 9
Friendly robots: 0
Enemy robots: 6

Switches: 9 (total including pride flag colour switches)
Lifts: 0
Teleporters: 2
Hazards: lava & electricity, flickery floors, forcefields, high altitude
Secret areas: 0

Complexity: 751 polygons, average 4.15 vertices per polygon, 420 walls, 2 vertices per wall

Published: 23-09-2020 (Celebrate Bisexuality Day)

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