How to complete the enby mission

Aerial view of enby mission at start of play

Yellow objective Go straight ahead to the front of the building that we seem to be calling the 'primary structure' and turn right. All four mission objectives are reached from here, but as the proud owner of No Keys, you can currently only get to the first walkway on the left. Take this (you'll need a tiny bit of momentum to get up the slope) and use the teleporter at the end to beam yourself to the next section. Again, move to the next teleporter and thus the next section. In the 'diamond' section, use the teleporter at the far end. In the 'triangle', head for the far right corner and use the teleporter there. In the next section, keep using the teleporters ahead of you (which are random) until by chance one of them takes you forward past the wall blocking your path, to the far end of this section, and go to the far end to proceed. Now go to the very far end of this curved row of teleporters - the final one will take you down to the lower level of this section. Spin round till you can see both the other teleporters here, and take the one on the right. The final 'tower' section is more complicated. Most levels are themselves giant teleporters. At the sides there are normal-size teleporters just for getting up and down the tower, each marked accordingly with an up or down arrow. Go up a level and move onto the big central teleport area. This will take you to a roof of the primary structure where you can collect some extra lives and teleport back. Go up the tower another level to collect the yellow key, then finally to the roof. Use the giant teleporter here to beam back to the walkway where you started this objective. With the key you can now start switching on the nonbinary flag colours if you like... or leave them all to the end - up to you! The yellow switch is behind the primary structure so you'll have to go all the way round, and only the yellow key allows you to get through the locked yellow wall to reach the switch.

White objective Now you have the yellow key you can return to the walkways in front of the primary structure and take the first right path. Drop down onto the platform below. From there you should be able to look down across platforms and walkways, and see a red square (switch) in the middle of one of the platforms. Go and press the switch to complete a walkway in front of you. Take that walkway, and at the far end you'll need a bit of momentum to make it up the much steeper slope (but once you reach the top, be ready with the reverse thrust to avoid falling off the far side)! Turn left, and you'll have to position yourself carefully on this platform to give yourself enough of a runup for the next slope. Press both switches in this section. The lower one is more tricky because it removes the walkway behind you; the safest way to return is down the new walkway that has just appeared - which is so steep that you'll definitely need to fire the retros to avoid being thrown over the edge! There should now be a complete sequence of platforms and walkways all the way up to the 'hangar' at the top of this section of the game. Leave the extra lives where they are for the moment, and don't try to enter the hangar while the lethal blue electrical zap is still blocking your way. Instead go left and round the back of it, to press the switch there. Now you have a safe route into the hangar and back to the rest of the game. Go into the hangar and drive into the small orange robot to take control of it. It has the high speed necessary for some jumps for the next two objectives - whereas the blue robot would require ridiculous luck to reach the purple key and is incapable of getting to the black one as far as we know! The orange robot will be your mainstay for the rest of the mission, so it's the one you should use to collect the remaining extra lives - including the ones you just passed on your way up to this hangar. Beware of the steep slopes there - the smaller robot accelerates more quickly so you really will need to stop it rolling too far! Finally, collect the white key with either robot and unlock your way onto the next walkway in front of the primary structure (second walkway on the left). You can also now get inside the primary structure (unlocking the white walls using whichever robot you picked up the white key with) and press the white switch (only the big blue robot is heavy enough to press switches).

Purple objective Take the small orange robot to the walkways in front of the primary structure, go down the second on the left, down the spiral and allow the forcefields to push you all the way to a jump ramp. The small robot is pushed so easily by slopes and forcefields that that all you have to do is turn right and gently move forwards onto the forcefield arrows. The rest is automatic - you'll jump forward and back a couple of times, picking up more lives on the way, and find yourself moving forwards very quickly along a straight channel which soon ends with two large banked curves, one to the left and one to the right. Don't be in the middle and get thrown past the whole thing. Whenever you want to take the right turn (via some extra lives and back to the start of the game) apply some backwards thrust for as long as you can while you're in the forcefield channel, to reduce your speed a tiny bit, then steer just a few degrees to the right before you reach the banked curves. Allow the curve and the final jump to do what they will; don't try to turn to face in the direction you're travelling. You should land somewhere in front of the primary structure. If you were thrown too far, you needed more reverse thrust in the forcefield channel before the banked curve. If that last jump was in the wrong direction and you went right over the primary structure, or over the walkways to the four objectives, or you didn't even make it to the jump ramp at the end of the curve, you probably used too much steering.

Alternatively, when you want to take the left turn to reach the rest of this section of the game, allow the forcefields to set your speed and turn left a few degrees just before you meet the banked curves. Allow the robot to roll round the curve and up another forcefield jump ramp. You should finally land on a pink landing platform where you can collect the purple key. The same speed and steering tips as before apply to taking the left curve and jump ramp (except that you may need to put on a small amount of extra speed before the jump; you certainly won't need to lose any) and you might have to get the hang of it over a few attempts. If you accidentally land in the black objective section of the game, there's a walkway (with no safety walls this time!) underneath the middle of it, back to the forcefield channel. If you're going to attempt the big jump again from here, be sure to put on lots of speed and again use only the minimum of steering; you might find it easier to go right back to the primary structure instead and do the whole purple section of the game again. Anyway, once you make it to the landing platform, get the purple key, go to the white walkways - and be careful not to go too fast as you move from the pink floor to the white. The flickery floor ahead has a finite life; if you spend too long there, it'll disappear and you'll fall through. In the choice of three parallel routes, the one on the left is the easiest, the middle is impossible and the right needs very careful positioning to get enough of a runup to make it. So take the left path with as much speed as you safely can in order to barge past the opposing forcefields. If you bounce into the wall at the far end, don't turn right to try to avoid that bounce because that increases the chance of bouncing back and falling. Now look back towards the extra lives in the middle. From here it is possible to get them, but don't be sucked in by the forcefields and don't spend too long on the dodgy floor. Don't try to turn round in the middle of this manoeuvre - just go forwards then backwards. Finally go to the end of this section, drop down onto the jump ramp you used earlier, and take the right curve at the end of the forcefield channel to return to where you started the game. Now you can use the purple key to get to the purple switch inside the primary structure. You'll have to go to the hangar to get the blue robot to press the actual switch though.

Black objective Use the orange robot (because it has the purple key) to open the locked purple wall that's blocking your access to the final walkway in front of the primary structure. Go and get the blue robot again, and with that go up the spiral walkway you've just unlocked, to a platform that overlooks the black area. Press the switch at the back of the platform. It makes extra lives appear in the next part of the game, but it also removes some of the floor sections making it more tricky. Go back to the hangar for the orange robot and return with it, up the spiral to the platform. The knack here is to move slowly because the slope is made of bouncy 'rubber'. Too fast and you'll just keep bouncing until you each an edge and fall right off. You can only go down, not up, so carefully descend one level at a time, picking up the extra lives as you go. The last two of these are on the same level, so to get across from one to the other you'll have to drive really accurately over the points where the corners of two floor panels come together, to avoid falling right through! Avoid the lower middle area where the floor is now missing, and carefully head for the bottom where you'll find another spiral walkway up to a jump platform. Go up there, and ahead you'll see a grey platform at the right of the slope you just came down, with the black key on it. A fast jump should get you there in a couple of bounces. Collect the key, go forwards and turn left, then drop down into the forcefield channel you've already seen. Take the right turn at the banked curves, and eventually you should end up somewhere near where you started this mission. Now all you need to do is switch on any colour switches in and around the primary structure, that you haven't done yet. Each colour-coded locked wall can only be opened using the robot that collected the key of that colour. Only the blue robot can actually press the switches. The final black switch to complete the mission is right up on the roof.

Mission info

Pride flag colour switches: 4
Keys: 4

Extra lives: 21
Friendly robots: 1
Enemy robots: 0

Switches: 9 (total including pride flag colour switches)
Lifts: 0
Teleporters: 38
Hazards: random teleporters, electricity, forcefields, jumps, banked curves, flickery floor & walls, rubber
Secret areas: 0

Complexity: 802 polygons, average 3.86 vertices per polygon, 820 walls, 2 vertices per wall

Published: 14-07-2020 (International Nonbinary People's Day)

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