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Game by Gordon Self
for Congleton Pride
© 2020-2024

In each mission your objective is to complete an LGBTQIA+ pride flag by pressing a switch for each of the colours in that flag, thus bringing those colours into the game world. Paint the buildings with a rainbow of pride colours!

There's a choice of ways to drive your robot around the Prideworld:

On a computer or any device with a hardware keyboard, you can use cursor keys or Q, A, O, P. Press Escape to toggle pause mode.

If you have a touch screen (eg. tablet or phone) you can use the the touch controls which appear automatically at the sides of the screen. Forwards/backwards on the left; steering on the right. The Options page allows you to switch these on or off, and to choose between button and joystick controls.

Look out for these goodies and baddies and more... You won't find all of them in every mission though.

Extra lives Extra lives These (usually) come in threes.
Key Key Once you've collected the key of a particular colour, you can now get past all walls of that colour.
Plus and minus size Plus and minus size Makes your robot bigger or smaller. The bigger the robot, the more likely you are to be able to press a switch or survive lava, but the lower speed means you can't jump so far, and you might not come out of a teleporter quite the way you went in!
Friendly robot Friendly robot Bump into it to take control of it and leave behind the robot that you were driving before. When you collect any lives, keys and size changes, only the robot that actually picked up an item can use that item. When the robot you're currently driving runs out of lives, the game is over - no matter how many lives your other robots may have.
Enemy robot Enemy robot Keep your distance or it'll follow you and try to push you away! Some enemy robots are more determined to chase you than others. They usually have so many lives that they can afford to waste them. Learn to recognise the sounds they make when they first notice you and when they give up the chase...
Walls Walls Ordinary grey walls will always block your path - for better or worse. The colour-coded walls are locked; once you have the key of the same colour you can just drive straight through as if they weren't there. Some missions have a grey key or even a master key, in which case, all bets are off!
Flickery floor and walls Flickery floor and walls The bigger your robot, the sooner it will crack this dodgy floor and fall right through - making it impossible to pass through this way again. The feinter the floor, the smaller the robot you're going to need to be able to get across it. You can get through a flickery wall by crashing into it repeatedly until it gives way.
Ice Ice Don't slip off the edge!
Rubber Rubber The floor is bouncy if you fall on it.
Lava Lava Don't fall on it unless you're driving a big enough robot to withstand the heat! Also look out for something similar in light blue that zaps you with electricity... Either way, you'll hear it roar as you get closer. Even the walls near lava or electricity can be dangerous too!
Forcefield Forcefield Pushes you in the direction of the purple arrows. The darker the arrows the stronger the push.
Lift Lift Carries you up or down to a different level. You might need to press a switch to start it moving...
Teleporter Teleporter Stop on one of these and it'll beam you to another teleporter somewhere else in the Prideworld. Most teleporters work in both directions, allowing you to go back. Some are random and will send you to a different place each time. When a teleporter is labelled with a white triangular arrow, that should give you some idea of where it will take you. If your robot is very large, not all of it will make it through the teleportation system!
Switch Switch As long as your robot is big and heavy enough, simply drive over a switch to toggle it between on (green) and off (red). This will make some parts of the game world (including floors, walls, collectable objects and robots) appear, disappear or change - often granting you access to places you couldn't reach before. Most switches will only change things that are close enough to see (depending on your graphics detail settings) and you can nearly always put things back by pressing the same switch again. Some switches are labelled with a colour-coded square panel in one of the colours of the mission's pride flag. When all the switches like this are on, the mission is complete.

In easy mode there are more extra lives for you to collect, enemy robots won't follow you, and you'll survive falling from a greater height. When you come across teleporters, switches and lava, the size of your robot won't affect your interactions with them so much. Not all of those things appear in every mission of course.

Touch controls
Controls appear on screen:

Control mode:

Game controls at sides of screen, recommended for touch screen devices only. Buttons are equivalent to keyboard control. Joysticks offer continuous speed and steering like a radio control transmitter - swipe and hold to operate.

Graphics detail
Visible distance:


If you're playing on an old tablet or phone and the game graphics aren't animating quickly enough, try reducing these settings until it becomes more playable. Careful though: when you can't see so far, it'll be harder to find your way round the game or work out what a switch does...


Sound effects will help you to tell what's happening in the game.


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Available since 20-06-2020. Current version 1.94 published 01-06-2024.

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