New pages for the updated 2023 website that are not yet visible in the public part of the site…

New homepage: New homepage content goes here. Only just getting started on this one

About Us: Work in progress here.

LGBTQIA+ Info: The LGBTQIA+ Community. Click on the flags on this page for more info. We’re in the process of receiving feedback from people in particular groups within the community, who know more about that thing than I do! See also The Pride Calendar which is basic but will do for now.

Events: New main Pride Event page. New performers content. See also the site’s existing events page – which is already visible to the public.

Support: Work in progress here.

Partners: New partners content. New sponsors content. Old pages are here. Churches page.

News: Have renamed the existing blog as News. There aren’t currently enough press releases to justify a listing of them, but I’ve added a press release category and put some of the existing articles into it. When the time comes I can easily build a page that lists only those articles. Have made existing Branding page presentable and removed the unfinished 2019 brand guidelines book.

Contact: Have added the new social media, equality & respect and photography & filming policies. See the existing site’s Contact Us and Privacy policy.

Migrating the site to a better hosting provider: This is done and the site address is now with https at We have the ability to create up to 25 email addresses and comms team awaits requests for these – only the admin and sponsor ones are in use so far…