Pan mission - Prideworld

In May we made some of the biggest updates to our online maze game Prideworld. It’s doubled its size in just a couple of months, now offering you 8 missions devoted to different sections of the LGBTQ+ community. Try it now in a web browser on your computer, tablet or phone – no download or login needed!

Pan mission - Prideworld

On Pansexual/Panromantic Awareness Day (24 May) we released the pan mission (see map view, above). For the first time in Prideworld you can attempt the three sections of it in any order. Beware of heights though! This new mission takes retro gaming to the max, with more references to classic games from previous decades than we’ve ever had before. Can you recognise them?

Agender mission - Prideworld

Before that, on Agender Pride Day (19 May) we published the agender mission (above). Taking a break from all the lava and hair-raising jumps, this is a calmer mission with more emphasis on the puzzle elements… until the enemy robots are unleashed just before the end! And yes, you will have to find your way inside that dome and ultimately onto the top of it…

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