Businesses of Congleton – we need your help!

We’re writing to you today to ask for your support of Congleton Pride. 

Congleton Pride was established in 2018 to educate and celebrate equality, diversity and community. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength, building up its membership, and creating links with businesses, other charities and churches in the town.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. That’s why we’re working to create a more inclusive community for LGBTQIA+ people in Congleton.

We’re currently in the process of planning our annual pride event, which will take place on July 22 in the town centre. This is a free and family-friendly event that celebrates the diversity of our community, and is currently the focus of our charity. In addition to the Pride day itself, Congleton Pride creates safe spaces and provides support for the rainbow community, organising coffee afternoons, meals and trips, as well as fundraising events.

We’re still growing, and our aim is to provide even more support to the people of Congleton in the future.

Why Sponsor

If you believe in equality and diversity within your business, then your goals are already aligned with ours. But supporting Congleton pride is about more than showcasing your values; we might be able to benefit your business in more tangible ways, for instance, driving custom to retailers and hospitality businesses, or recommendations through our social media platforms for other businesses in the area. 

We’ll be promoting our sponsors in online advertising through our website and podcast, event branding during Congleton Pride 2023 and in printed material such as our Pride Guide throughout the year.

Sponsorship packages

TitleHow manyDescriptionCost
Day Stage
  • Clear branding of main stage for each sponsor logo
  • One advertising posting on a day prior to the Pride event on Congleton Pride Facebook
  • Day stage sponsor thank you during the event
  • Sponsor listing in Pride Guide
  • Certificate Award
After Hours
  • Sponsor name and logo presented on rolling presentation on screen during the evening event
  • 2 free tickets for the evening event
  • Evening sponsor call out during the event including thanks
  • Sponsor listing in Pride Guide
  • Certificate Award
Event will have a Raffle & Auction – can you help with prizes?
  • Declared on Congleton Pride website as communication partners during 2023-2024
  • We will be issuing a ‘Congleton Pride Guide’ and the communication partners will have front page placement of their partnership and support of Pride
  • 2 free tickets for the After Hours event
  • Communication partner status on all advertising banners
  • Communication partner podcast participation – we will produce a program with all communication partners for us to understand what you do and why you are supporting us
  • Certificate Award
Community Stage
  • Stage branding with your logo and business name
  • Call out and thanks for your sponsorship on the day
  • Certificate Award
  • Sponsor listing in Pride Guide
  • Include you in our Pride Guide and provide brief details of your business giving your location on our Pride Map
  • Provide a Congleton Pride poster/sticker so people can easily identify your support
  • You will have early option to buy advertising space in the Pride Guide if you are running events or offers during or shortly after Pride
  • Certificate Award
Pride Support Partners
  • Include you on our Congleton Pride website as a supporter for Congleton Pride 2023
  • A promotional post about your business on our Facebook Page
Event Sponsor1 – SOLD!
  • To have lead sponsor status – on day stage interview
  • Branding on Congleton Pride website as Pride partner for 2023
  • All event advertising to be ‘by lead sponsor’ including social media and event banners and branding
  • All announcements related to Pride during the day event will mention lead sponsor
  • Certificate Award
  • Press release about lead sponsorship
By auction
Congleton Pride HeroesIf your business selects to sponsor more than one package OR offers to pay more for a sponsor package than the list price, you will automatically be placed onto the Congleton Pride Hero list…

Businesses who wish to contribute, might also consider purchasing an entry in our Pride Guide, which will be printed ahead of our main day on July 22, and the businesses within promoted from the two day stages throughout the event.

We hope you’ll consider sponsoring Congleton Pride – please contact us at to discuss your sponsorship package options. Your support can help make the town a safer, kinder, and more equal place for all.