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Game by Gordon Self for Congleton Pride. © 2020.

In each mission your objective is to complete an LGBTQ+ pride flag by pressing a switch for each of the colours in that flag, thus bringing those colours into the game world.

You control the blue spherical 'robot'. Drive it around the Prideworld by dragging across the screen (up/down for forwards/backwards speed, left/right for steering) with mouse or touch screen. Laptop touch pad is not recommended. On a device with a keyboard you might want to use the keys Q, A, O, P instead - we think that's the easiest.

Look out for these goodies and baddies and more... You won't find all of them in every mission though.

Extra lives Extra lives
Key Key Once you've collected the key of a particular colour, you can now get past all barriers of that colour.
Plus and minus size Plus and minus size Makes your robot bigger or smaller. The bigger the robot, the more likely you are to be able to press a switch or survive lava, but you won't have the same top speed, and you might not come out of a teleporter the way you went in!
Friendly robot Friendly robot Bump into it to take control of it. If it's a different size from the one you were driving before, or has collected more lives or keys, that might help you... You can use any friendly robot to collect any lives, keys and size changes, but only the robot that actually picked an item up can use it. When the robot you're currently driving runs out of lives, the game is over - no matter how many lives your other robots may have.
Enemy robot Enemy robot Keep your distance or it'll follow you and try to push you away! Enemy robots usually have so many lives that they can afford to waste them...
Ice Ice Don't slip off the edge!
Rubber Rubber The floor is bouncy if you fall on it.
Lava Lava Don't fall on it!
Forcefield Forcefield Pushes you in the direction of the purple arrows.
Teleporter Teleporter Beams you to another teleporter somewhere else in the Prideworld. Some teleporters work in both directions, allowing you to go back. Some are random...
Switch Switch Drive over a switch to toggle it between on (green) and off (red). This will make some parts of the game world appear, disappear or change colour. If a switch is one of the mission objectives - it represents one of the colours in the mission's pride flag - it'll have a colour-coded panel nearby to tell you. When all the mission objective switches are on, the mission is complete.

In easy mode there are more extra lives for you to collect, enemy robots won't follow you, and you'll survive falling from a greater height. When you come across teleporters, switches and lava, the size of your robot won't affect your interactions with them so much. Not all of those things appear in every mission of course!

Graphics detail

Try low detail if the game graphics aren't animating quickly enough.

Still having trouble?

We've tried to make this game work in any current-ish web browser on a computer, tablet or phone. We've tested it as much as we could, but please let us know if you still find any issues we might fix or help you with...

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