We’d like to thank everyone who helped us to fill Congleton with Pride back in 2022 – especially our diamond sponsor Pear Hospitality & Retail Group. If you, your organisation or business, would like to be involved this year, please see our sponsor page for more details – and maybe meet us at our Sponsors’ Evening…

Pear Hospitality & Retail Group

Kanga Health is a Congleton-based digital agency working with healthcare organisations all over the world. As an equality, diversity and inclusion champion, the Kanga team is delighted to support Congleton Pride 2022.

Kanga - Practical Digital Transformation

LOGURU helps manufacturing companies, retailers and logistics providers around the world to bring a new vision to their business. They provide objective solutions and complete end-to-end satisfaction with their unmatched attention, dedication and care!

LOGURU - Supply Chain Innovation

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows was established in 1975 as a family run operation, serving the petro-chemical and gas industries.

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows

It has since evolved into a market-leading supplier of precision sheet metal fabrications to the Aerospace industry and now forms part of the Senior plc group of businesses. Its core competence is the design, manufacture and qualification of Flexible Joints and Pressure Duct Systems for Air Management Systems (AMS) Environmental Control Systems (ECS), Bleed Air Systems, Cabin Pressurisation, De-Icing, Fuel and Waste / Water applications. Products are production standard for all Airbus Aircraft, Embraer Regional Jets and Rolls-Royce Aero Engines. Operational focus and specialty is metallic flexible joints and ducting systems manufactured in all grades of Titanium, high and low temperature Nickel Alloys, CRES and Aluminium. They are most suitable for high temperature and high / medium pressure applications.

We are grateful to Congleton Town Council, the Congleton Inclosure Trust and the Margaret Williamson Memorial Fund. Thanks also to D W Guest & Sons Amusements for running the fun fair.

We’d like to thank Stella and Joe from Stella Black Cheshire Ltd for donating the profit from their latest show Collateral Damage to Congleton Pride.

Stella Black

We would also like to thank Ursa Minor Media for their contributions towards Congleton Pride.

Ursa Minor Media

…And one last shout out to those who assisted us all the way back in 2021 in bringing Pride to Congleton!