Genderfluid pride flag

Genderfluid means having different experiences of one’s own gender at different times, or in different circumstances. It’s not a choice or a whim: genderfluid people can find themselves feeling quite different about their gender – sometimes from one day to the next without knowing what it’ll be like when they wake up tomorrow. How quickly someone’s gender varies, and between which identities, will depend on the person. How much they change their appearance to reflect this also varies from person to person.

Some genderfluid people also describe themselves as nonbinary or transgender – or both.

The genderfluid flag was designed by J J Poole in 2012, with five stripes:

  • Pink: femininity; female
  • White: lack of gender; agender
  • Purple: a combination of masculinity and femininity; androgyny
  • Black: other genders including nonbinary
  • Blue: masculinity; male

Genderfluid Visibility Week is in October: 17th to 24th this year.