At Congleton Pride we’d like to wish everyone a happy Transgender Visibility Day! Be visible and part of changing the world – if it’s safe enough for you to do so.

In honour of this day, we’re starting off a season of Prideworld game updates with a new mission based around the trans pride flag. See the map view above – this is the biggest mission in the game so far. Now for the first time, you have the freedom to play as any size and colour of robot, and change according to whatever you find works for you. There are different solutions to the puzzles depending on what kind of robot you’re driving. Visit to play it in a web browser on your computer, tablet or phone. No download or login needed.

This mission is a biggie, so here’s some clues to get you started. If you’re swapping to a different colour robot, do it as soon as you can and before you start picking up keys – then you’ll never need to worry about which robot has which keys! If you go for a small and fast robot then you can’t press switches… but you have a choice of strategies. You could temporarily scale it up around the middle of the mission to press the white pride colour switch and maybe some other optional useful ones too. Or you could skip the white switch for the moment, play the bulk of the mission in small size, and then return to normal at the very end to press the final three switches necessary to complete the mission. Oh, and yes it is possible to get into the pyramid!