We get up to all sorts of different things here at Congleton Pride. While we’re rightly best known for our events to raise the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community right here in this small town, we also work to support that community. And sometimes it’s just about creating spaces – real and virtual – where we can all just be ourselves and have fun!

When we were all under lockdown and virtual was the only option, we published our game Prideworld which is part of this website – you can play it in a browser on your computer, tablet or phone. It combines a lot of the gameplay of late 80s maze games with a bit of the ‘2.5D’ look of mid 90s first person shooters. But this is an LGBTQIA+ pride game – so no shooting here. Just get through the mazes, complete the switch and key puzzles, and don’t get pushed off the edge by the evil enemy robots! Start by picking a pride flag, and bring colour to the Prideworld by gradually painting the buildings in that flag’s colours!

We, or rather Congleton Pride committee member Gordon Self who started this whole damn game thing, kept adding new missions and features, so there’s far more to it now than when it originally launched in Pride Month of 2020. Here’s a map of all ten missions… and if you find yourself struggling with any of those, the Prideworld help/contact page offers not just tech support, but also all the solutions and cheats that we know of!

Complete map of Prideworld

Finally, if you think you see anything of this game in our animations for other things… you’re right! Trying to make sure we got lots of value out of the work done and lessons learnt on Prideworld, Gordon has adapted the same technology to make Pridespace, a 3D animation engine used in some of our YouTube videos and to promote the event that’ll round off Congleton Pride this year, After Hours.

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