What was the most obvious thing for a small town Pride to do in a pandemic lockdown – when we couldn’t put on any kind of real events to cover the town in pride flags? Simple: Put the flags in our very own video game!

Today (20 June 2022) is Prideworld’s second birthday. It started with only one mission, no sound effects, and no animations when you won. With the recent release for Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week we now have ten different missions for you to play. Play it now in a web browser on your computer or mobile device.

Complete map of Prideworld

Right from the start we’ve included cheats and extras that make the game a bit easier – once you’ve worked out how to get them. If you find a black key in a mission whose pride flag has no black in it, that’s a master key that will open every single locked wall in the mission. Watch the video above to find out how to get some of the biggest cheats in the game!

Finally – if you really have no shame – the Prideworld help/contact page links to all the solutions and cheats that we know of!

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